Roller chain drives  
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 1.0 The manner of loading, working parameters
1.1 Calculation units  
1.2 Transferred power
1.3 Speed of the sprocket wheel (desired)
1.4 Speed of the sprocket wheel (actual)
1.5 The desired / actual transmission ratio
1.6 Torque Mk 
1.7 The type of driving machine (loading)  
1.8 The type of driven machine (loading)  
1.9 Type of lubrication  
1.10 Number of links of the chain  
1.11 Number of teeth of the sprocket wheel  
1.12 Chain type    
1.13 Axis distance for Automatic design  
1.14 Range of smaller sprocket teeth  
1.15 List only solutions within recomended design limits  
1.16 Automatic design - press the button  
1.17 Sort results according to parameter  
1.18 Table of solutions    

(Will be populated after automatic design)
Final SKF Product Selection:
Sprocket 1:
Sprocket 2:
Center distance: 
Price Index: 
 2.0 Manual Fine tuning of the design
2.1 Chain selection - Standard chain No. (Pitch)  
2.2 Chain pitch / chains strands number
2.3 Sprocket - number of teeth / recomended
2.4 Pitch diameter Dp 
2.5 Desired axis distance / recomended
2.6 Actual axis distance / min.-max.
2.7 Number of chain links
2.8 Length of the chain
2.9 Speed of the chain / max
2.10 Design power / table power Pp 
2.11 Tensile force / Centrifugal force Fu/Fc 
2.12 Breaking force (table) / Force on the chain FB/Fr 
2.13 Static coefficient of safety against breakage SB 
2.14 Dynamic coefficient of safety against breakage SD 
2.15 The calculated / permitted pressure in the chain joint
2.16 Level of safety of the chain joint SP 
2.17 Total weight of the transmission / chain
 3.0 Results, coeficients
3.1 Coefficients for power corrections  
3.2 Coefficient of the number of teeth K1 
3.3 Coefficient of the transmission ratio K2 
3.4 Coefficient of shock (Service factor) K3 
3.5 Coefficient of distances of axes K4 
3.6 Coefficient of lubrication K5 
3.7 Coefficient of temperature K6 
3.8 Coefficient of service life K7 
3.9 Calculation and setting of coefficients according to  
3.10 Recommended type of lubrication  
3.11 Type of lubrication (permissible)  
3.12 Maximum slackness of the chain
3.13 Minimum / Maximum speed of sprocket 2  
3.14 Coefficient of speed variation ξ 
 4.0 Dimensions
d1      [mm]
d3      [mm]
b1      [mm]
b2      [mm]
s1      [mm]
s2      [mm]
Da    [mm]
Dp    [mm]
Df    [mm]
R1      [mm]
R2    [mm]
α    [°]
bf      [mm]
ba      [mm]
rx      [mm]
Dg    [mm]

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